Inner firmness of purpose and determination have helped you over the early obstructions that in all likelihood you experienced in your childhood environment. This made you a self-examining and calculating person, especially for a Cancer individual.

Sun enters Scorpio

You are a quite serious person and learn things easily. Your strong Capricorn inner nature finds opposition from the gentler Cancer.

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You are in need of proving yourself for inner satisfaction as well as recognition from the world at large. You have a somewhat unique approach to life and you are never happy with external impressions. You approach it with a view towards change and novelty no matter what you do. Galileo the astronomer and the writer Ernest Hemingway were both members of your combination, and their work shows the totally different nature of the Cancer-Capricorn perspective. Seclusion is something that you desire, but while that may be good in limited amounts, too much can bring about alienation from the world around you and feelings of not being good enough.

Depression, disappointment and withdrawal can come about with your continual dissatisfaction to achieve this. Even turning to drugs or alcohol are possible in severe cases. Try to recognize you have gifts and learn to appreciate yourself, while accepting you limitations.

Capricorn Moon Sign Emotions

A rigid vibe is the air, but things loosen up and our imaginations flow as the moon connects with Neptune at PM. You like traditions because they're a great excuse to bring people together and because the past has always fascinated you, but today's Capricorn moon says that some practices make no sense for you to continue any longer.

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Shocking news comes your way, but the moon in Capricorn insists that you hold it together and stay mature and responsible during today's activities. Luckily, romance and a boost of creativity will arrive today, too! The moon in Capricorn holds you through heavy emotions concerning security today. Strength means being able to bend with the winds of change, not controlling each aspect of your life, dear Sagittarius.

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Unexpected fun comes your way, and the moon in your sign is inspiring you to focus on self-love. Today, that means stepping into your tactile senses through activities that make your body feel good, like massages or snuggles. However, the moon will also meet with your ruling planet Saturn—even though it's a feel-good day, you still need to set some boundaries. A boost in intuition arrives today, and you may also find yourself craving more alone time than usual. You're sensitive to other people's vibes today.

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The moon in Capricorn asks you to catch up on rest. They often hide their own sensitivity behind a sarcastic demeanor. They are painfully aware of their faults and weaknesses, and try very diligently to compensate for them.

Moon in Capricorn : Characteristics and Traits

Moon in Capricorn may come across as cold and calculating, but in reality they just don't feel comfortable letting their feelings hang out in public. They prefer to be organized and efficient; practical to the bone. Those born under this Moon Sign have a strong need to feel worthwhile. They want to be respectable in the eyes of others. Patient and able to endure quite a bit, Capricorn Moon has a big sense of duty.

They jump to take responsibility on the job or at home.