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This is why they stand for relationships and they are ruled by Venus. A libra man will pay for his wife to get bigger boobs and a face lift without hesitation.

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Nor is lashing out a verbal masacre ripping your partner to shred with your unstoppable charisma, undefeated wit and malignant sarcasm. Not everything is a competition. Not everything needs to be discussed and verbally dissected either. Libra you need to learn when to be quiet, back down and let go. Otherwise your relationship is doomed. They are blessed with an incredible fashion sense and the debt that comes along with their shopping addiction is the curse. This can ruin relationships. Dear Libra friends living in their darkside please face yourself and avoid using escape routes and your life and your relationships will improve drastically.

Russell Simmons has developed a perverted reputation long before these sexual allegations emerged. Power has a way of corrupting individuals and their fetishes are overt and out in the open. Libra men represent two different sides of the same coin with their annoying, and very contradicting behavior. They are serial capitalist but champions for the poor. They fight for the rights of abused children and at the same time abuse children.

Libra picks a side but in the dark they also perpetrate the very behaviors they claim to be activist against. Of course, listening to a Libra explain themselves is like listening to a person suffering from multiple personality disorders with a strong case of insecurity and paranoia, argue with themselves to attempt to achieve an inner balance that will never exist. Essentially, what the Libra tries to accomplish is a Yin and Yang affect as they desperately try to balance scales that will never be balance due to their irrational, self-defeating words that contradict their mischievous and anti-social behavior.

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Certainly, the Libra will finesse those naive enough to believe in him with unwavering flattery and charm. Russell Simmons may be a Hip-Hop mogul who is immersed in the environment of the so-called misogynist rap industry. However, the whole entire entertainment industry, despite the genre is riddled with perverted, abusive, power hungry, sexist and opportunistic individuals.

When you combine desperate women seeking success and fame with power hungry men holding the pin that can write their checks, you get situation where two individuals are using what they have to get what they want. Consequently, women usually lose in the end and risk not getting their fair share of the deal they indulged in thinking giving into sexual demands will get them a foot in the door. Instead of getting the gig they were promised, they get the boot, on the corner at 4am where an Uber is waiting to escort them back to their dorm room with bedroom hair, smeared mascara, ruffled up clothing and a smirk on their face.

I know several women who slept with famous men hoping that it may turn into something serious or they may land a gig or money making opportunity. They also wear regret, shame and resentment.

Nature of Libra

Why is it that some women fall for the industries sexual sharks and others are completely immune to the bullshit that unfortunately comes with the territory? Amanda Seales shared a story about Russell Simmons. Can you imagine what his Yoga studio must feel like?

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Perhaps his guided meditation goes something like this:. Now imagine my hands sliding across your breast. Then after that perverted mediation everyone can gather in the cafeteria and eat some super healthy vegan food. Is a sexually dominant man, who uses his power to flaunt his perversion a violent rapist or a sex addict? That is the question we need to be asking.

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Are the men who approach me on daily basis, complimenting my sexiness, some asking me on dates, others asking me to join them in a threesome with their wife…. A Libra who pretends to be a goody two shoe Vegan champion of the Namaste, Peace on Earth, meditating, recycling, positive thinkers community had to even out that good boy demeanor by being a complete sexual perversive ass clown in the dark to even out their inner demonic scales. Simmons needs sex. A variety of sex, from multitudes of women, particularly models and actresses who represent every ethnicity.

Is he the pervert who desires to be a monk one day? A celibate monk? The above tweet from Russell Simmons paints a picture far different from what these ladies are alleging against him. Perhaps, like most narcissist, Russell believes he can hide behind Bhuddism and live a double life one in which he is a saint, the other a complete and utter sinner?

Are all promiscuous sex addicts rapist? Is a sex addict more likely to rape a woman then a power taunting narcissistic? Or is there a such thing? Russell Simmons approaching Amanda Seales in such a sexual connotation is merely a test to see if she is willing to reciprocate. What was it about Amanda Seales that made Russell Simmons back off and not coerce her to go to his apartment or try to force her head down to his crotch?

I think so. I think Amanda was very clear!

Dark Side of You -- Libra

I worked for a modeling agency where the boss aggressively pursued me sexually. I had a choice. I sacrificed that paycheck for my self-respect and dignity. I left. Not everyone can say that! The truth of the matter is. Narcissists must be shut down completely. In order to avoid their abuse you must not be willing to work with them or interact with them at all! A psychopath will pop up out of the bushes and rape a women during her evening run.

A narcissist will test the waters and any sign of weakness or uncertainty in a women will encourage him to continue his demands and get his way. To a narcissist, the victims desperation for fame, money or validation is his green light to abuse his power. Brace yourselves… This full moon will be happening during Mercury Retrograde which starts April 9th. Everything imbalanced in your life will come into bloom. Spring is approaching, the flowers are blooming and so is your intuitive knowing that your life needs more balance in certain areas.

Libra energy demands us to balance the scales.

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This is frustrating and takes work but if you are willing to do the work it is very rewarding. What are you losing at the expense of imbalance within your life? Are you working too hard and not taking care of your body? Are you giving so much you do not allow yourself to sit back and receive? How are you spending your energy? And in what areas are you lacking?

This is a breakdown of how you are spending your days and weeks hour by hour. Download the worksheet Below:. Energy Inventory Worksheet. Libra demands equality and justice. This full moon will make it intolerable to accept being treated unfairly in relationships, in the workplace and in life in general. Mercury retrograde will make us reflect on the past to ensure we are considering all the details before demanding fairness.

If you are the one being unfair to others, you will suddenly feel the karmic wheels change as you will notice this full moon will inspire others to stop taking your shit. People will not allow you to continue to use them and take advantage of them, so be prepared for backlash at the dawn of this powerful full moon.

Once the quiet revolution starts within yourself and you begin to balance out the scales of imbalance and injustice in your own life, you will be able to protest the imbalance and injustice that is happening in the world. The quietest revolution is the revolution that starts within our own lives first. When we start demanding more from ourselves and others, we start demanding more from the world. Libra is a cardinal sign, after all, and these are the signs that get things done.

Therefore, you may not be aggressive in your approach to change as the Libra Full moon energy illuminates the sky, but you will start the quiet analysis of what needs to be balanced in the silence of meditation or prayer. Thankfully, the beauty and grace of Libra energy will allow you to let go of people and situations in your life that no longer serve to balance your being in a positive light with the ease of releasing a butterfly.

They would love to get you excited about something that has excited them It takes Libras a while to feel like they can commit.


Dark Side of Libra: Dramatic, Controlling, Condescending, Repressed

Libras love love and they spend a lot of their young life focused on finding a partner. When they find one, they make them the center of their lives and social circle, in a coveted place above even their most treasured friendships. When Libras are about to start a relationship with someone, they make a little pro and con list of what might happen. Libras just need patience and to feel like you truly want commitment from them.

Truth is, once you win their heart, they have the capability to make you special in the grandest way. They will stick with their partners through thick and thin and are prone to long-term relationships. Libras will stand by your side no matter what, and will not betray you for any reason.

Each Zodiac Sign Reveals A Monster Hiding Inside Each Of Us - What's Yours? | neycharrouterccom.ga

They want you, and only you. It can be hard to break up with a Libra. Once they commit they truly commit so they often stay in unhealthy or non-working relationships for months or even years past when it should have ended. But after all, who can ever forget a Libra? It is true we need to do a balancing act we have a light side and a dark side it is almost like we are circus preformers here like a cog in the machine stops working libras feel a lot of pain more than most people we are stright forward blunt to the point we rely on logic we do not want to be a bother to any one when a cog slips the machine stops working because emotions are unpredictable when we are hurt or angry we can not be around the people who caused the malfunction becase it makes us think about whatever happend and just makes it worse we need time to think and to heal plain and simpel i am a male leabra it is not allways easy to forgive but it is best in the end it is not easy to find your happy place i have trobel with that most of the time but life goes on regardless.

We just need space at times so we do not make more mistakes and end up hurting others we do this to protect u and ourselves if i could at times i would lock my heart away permanently some times becase the emotion clowds the judgment and that leads to mistakes and might make us do something we would regret later it is better to endur and keep going forward rather than to lash out and casue pain to another with out a good enough reason to do so most cannot do this while few can it is like a tight rope lean to far to one side and u fall of it well that is my thoughts good luck all of u out their.