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The first round of voting took place while he was on a 3. His victory in the preliminary election qualified him to enter the second round of voting. Given the analysis of his Scorpio L1 period, it is hard to say how one might have predicted he would do well when the election itself took place on a Scorpio L4 period. He won the second round during a 6. He was inaugurated president during a Taurus L4 period which is not bad, but not one of the best.

So in summary, he was elected on some of the worst days in an energetically mixed month in a great couple of years in the worst decade and a half of his life. Only one level was angular to Fortune, and two others were incidentally angular because of the natal angles. No rulers of the Lot of Spirit were encountered, and no rulers of the period were encountered on lower levels. There were no significant Loosings of the Bond on any level close to the election. There were no obvious correlations according to the basic fundamentals of the technique, and this is why astrologers generally strained to rationalize his victory through this method.

In general, these criteria seem to be trying to determine whether the sect light is in accord enough with its own nature to support the topics represented by its associated Lot, the Lot of Spirit. It is in a masculine sign, Sagittarius, and the Sun was eastern at the time of his birth.

His Sun is not in superior position to other planets. It is true that we have no evidence that Serapio ever performed the technique of Zodiacal Releasing since Vettius Valens is our only source for it. Likewise Fortune will make the distribution of both qualities if the Lot of Daimon [Spirit] or its ruler is unfavorably situated, and the same is true of the controls and the houserulerships.

Emmanuel Macron has Fortune in Gemini and Spirit in Virgo both ruled by the same precariously placed Mercury in the cadent 12th house, retrograde and in the sign of its exile, so how should we decide which one predominates?

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His Sun is in Sagittarius, cadent and in a bad place, the 12th house. His Moon is in its exaltation of Taurus, succedent and in a good place, the 5th house. The Moon is seemingly in better condition than the Sun by sign, house and horizonal position, despite being the contrary to sect light. Using the Serapio-adjusted Lot of Spirit in Gemini, Macron would be in a year long Cancer L1 period at the time of his election, which is one of his most distinctly positive periods possible in his chart, due to the presence of his angular benefic of the sect in its exaltation, a trigon of the sect light and the ruler of his Fortune 10th house, etc.

It is also a succedent house relative to Fortune, which brings affairs to completion and angular house relative to his natal angles, which provides incidental angularity.

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This would describe an active period of professional success and rising influence in this part of his life, rather than just the couple of good years indicated by the default Lot of Spirit in Virgo. This would match our expectations and the reality of what happened.

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Remember that when releasing from his default Lot of Spirit in Virgo, he is in a Scorpio L1 period at the time of his election, one of the most distinctly negative periods possible in his chart, due to its rulership by Mars, a retrograde contrary to sect Mars in a superior square to the sign and from a bad house. One might also note that the L2 Loosing of the Bond to Capricorn on January 6th conveniently demarcates the point in his career where he went from being virtually unknown and never having held an elected office to running for President of France.

But the proof is in the pudding, and the pudding is next. This is another way that we might be able to check whether Zodiacal Releasing is actually making any sense with a given chart. The following correlations only make sense when releasing from the Serapio-adjusted Lot of Spirit in Gemini. When releasing from the default Lot of Spirit in Virgo, these correlations are all lost.

Often in the foreshadowing periods there is something that is started or attempted which does not come to pass until the Loosing of the Bond. If this Capricorn L2 period was a foreshadowing of what was to come, then it was clearly going to revolve around work in politics, being a political candidate and seeing his profile raised in the political sphere. In the same way that the Loosing of the Bond is foreshadowed by the foreshadowing period, in Capricorn and Aquarius periods, the subperiods manage to reach the sign of the upper period one more time after the Loosing of the Bond.

So in a Capricorn L2 period, the initial Capricorn L3 period in some sense foreshadows the final Loosed Capricorn L3 period over 2 years later, which kind of wraps up what the period is about. This has been nicknamed the completion period. In any case, the sequence for the television appearance was Cancer- Capricorn -Capricorn- Capricorn.

This was considered an extremely big deal. The mirroring effect can be seen more easily in terms of their respective sequences:. These two events essentially bookend the beginning of his rise to prominence and the completion of this process, being confirmed in the public eye. As each Loosing of the Bond occurred on progressively higher levels, the associated events became more dramatic, like a tsunami wave picking up strength as it approaches the shore.

The very first L4 Cancer Loosing of the Bond would provide some inkling of what was to come. Aquarius 2nd house, ruled by Saturn in the 9th house? He personally argued for it for 18 hours in front of parliament. The law was ultimately rejected by the legislators but was unilaterally pushed through by decree by the Prime Minister on February 17th Despite the passage of the law, it was a hollow victory because it only passed essentially through executive order rather than popular approval. The process disillusioned Macron about the utility of the political status quo in France when it held back economic progress backed by majorities of the French public.

Later, to calm himself down, he went home and played the piano until three in the morning. Bruised, Macron took away from this episode a number of lessons.

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  • The L3 Cancer Foreshadowing period furthered this theme. Not only did political parties no longer reflect underlying divisions on economic policy…but the same was also true for questions of citizenship and identity. Later that month, Macron decided to speak out. On November 26th , Macron spoke out against the President, his own boss, condemning the social exclusion of young Muslims which contributes to radicalization. This happened under Cancer- Capricorn -Cancer- Capricorn. Ooh Garance mais je ss Taureau comme toi alors!

    Total believer!! But in astrology I do! The planets and stars really influence us, just like the moon influences the tide water and it is a statistical fact that more crimes are committed during full moons. Being a passionate yogi myself too, yoga closely looks at the phases of the moon, hence moon days when it is best not to exercise, travel, have important meetings etc… Interesting or what? The mysteries of the infinite universe ahh…. Not so sure about calm though…. I used to frequent it often while I lived there. And the compatibility things are pretty true.

    I am totally explosive with an Aries and nicely complimented by the opposition of a Capricorn. Garance, dit, dit , dit, dans quels articles parles-tu de ta maman? Ils sont pas cons.

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    Je suis une vraie terrienne. Just like you Garance, I never really take astrology seriously but as a fellow Taurus, after reading those boards, they describe my personality to a tee! Ha ha! So many comments. This is my Pisces speaking.

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    Spiritual nature, at home in the paradoxes. Unexplainable mysteries, yes please! Believer in True Love and unimaginable depth of merging with that love.

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    Unsatisfied unless the essence of a thing has been found and delved into. Am I driving you crazy? Oui, oui, oui tu parles horoscope et J. I believe in personality and compatibility I know, embarrassing as it is!

    see url Also, have you seen the twitter site zodiacfacts? And addictive. I know exactly what you mean! My Mum and my Grandma are massively into horoscopes and although most of me thinks, yeah, whatever, whenever my Mum tells me about it, it rings so true by the end of the conversation I am convinced…almost. And if you think that the basic birthday — starsign thing is scarily accurate, wait until someone starts telling you about how your time and year of birth comes into it, it starts to get really weird…. Whenever I start going out with a boy, Mum always asks about his sign, and starts to tell me about it, and it is always so freakyly accurate before she even meets him!

    For example, my boy is a Leo, and is massively lazy, just like a male lion he likes to think he is the dominant one, is very proud and has quite a fierce roar when he is angry. But he is also generous and affectionate. Who knows? Amy xxx. Garance, you really need to introduce yourself to mysticmedusa.