But remember to get out often too! The wider world is beckoning as the Sun beams in your peripatetic ninth house. Feeling overloaded? A solo sojourn could bring you back to center. Take a breath, then start asking questions, so you can find out every detail before you leap! With the Sun beaming into your erotic eighth house, an attraction can go from warm to exothermic in 0. Coupled Virgos could get their groove back after a chilly winter. Yes, even those sale items add up. Use this spring to sort out your budget and make a realistic spending plan. One or two people may stand out to you—hello festival buddy or future bae.

Spring fever will hit you hard, and for a change, it might be you who is rushing to commit.

But in the process, are your dreams withering on the vine? With two full moons in your sign this spring, you owe it to yourself to work on those grander ambitions.

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Hire a coach or form a mastermind group if you need motivation. With the Sun activating your salubrious sixth house, flow some funds towards massages and find a fitness studio you love. You may need to adjust your work schedule to accommodate a healthier balance or build regular stretch and walk breaks into your daily routine.

It might take eons for people to penetrate your steely reserve, but that because you love your inner circle so fiercely. That said, Scorpio, your loyal allegiance to a couple key people may be verging on codependence.

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Head-turner, influencer, role model: You may feel like a walking billboard this spring, Sagittarius, as everything you touch draws major acclaim. What would you like to be noticed for? Your star is rising, but how is the rest of the constellation feeling? Take time to check in with your teammates and colleagues.

A few heart-to-hearts will help you align and keep your allies by your side. At last!

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Your schedule is opening up for the people you treasure most as the Sun warms your family-friendly fourth house. Host a spring soiree or take a few weekend trips to visit close friends and favorite relatives. Some cosmetic upgrades, like a new dining room table or bedding, may do the trick. Buzz around local venues. Who knows? You might even team up with a neighborhood business owner to host an event. Bigger, stronger, faster? Pacing yourself is key!


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Set a few manageable milestones that you can achieve before the summer Solstice on June This spring could bring some exciting developments for your bank account, so make way for abundance. But if you grip too tightly, you could wind up pushing people away.

Faith is required to get past this short bout of insecurity. Remind yourself daily that if someone is meant to be in your life, they will stick around—without any cajoling or convincing!

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